Coffee Cup Dreams (Redpoint One – Book 1)

Coffee Cup Dreams (Redpoint One – Book 1)
Book Cover: Coffee Cup Dreams (Redpoint One - Book 1)
Part of the Redpoint One series:
  • Coffee Cup Dreams (Redpoint One - Book 1)
Editions:ePub: $ 4.99
ISBN: 978-1-937042-14-1
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ISBN: 978-1-937042-14-1
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ISBN: 978-1-937042-14-1

During a simple surgery Tish Douglas died. And yet, she also awoke…

The doctors called it a 'psi event.' No matter the label, it destroyed the life she knew. She fled Earth to a new job on a remote still-operating space station of ancient alien origins called Redpoint One. Alone, with no friends or family to rely on, she must start a new life in this strange place. Then she meets Arthur Getty...

New boss Arthur Getty needs good people for the maintenance department who will stay and work hard. Romance should be the last thing on his mind. And yet between pirate attacks, intelligent repair robots running about, and maintenance emergencies, the sparks fly anytime Tish comes near. Despite knowing any of his employees are forbidden to him.

The secret Tish conceals should be enough to keep her away from any romantic involvement, but Arthur Getty is no ordinary man.

But, Redpoint one itself has other ideas.

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Publisher: Star Catcher Publishing