Coalition of Worlds

Many species share the Milky Way, some of whom have banded together in an association known as the “Coalition of Worlds” for mutual benefit and protection. In the grand scheme of things humans are a small part of it, and in fact aren’t even members. To make matters worse humans are rather curious, ask annoyingly disturbing questions, and are determined to move outside their own solar systems.

And how and why do humans, such lowly short-living little creatures, keep getting involved in interstellar matters… and making a difference in them?

And the Coalition of Worlds isn’t all that sure what to do with them.

Coalition of Worlds Stories

Close to Modern-Day

Night of the Aurora (Salmon Run – Book 1) – Novella – The Callahans arrive in Alaska to begin a new life at the lodge left to them by crazy Uncle George. But first they must survive the wilds of Alaska, a massive Aurora, and an alien spacecraft hidden under the snow.

Alien Winter (Salmon Run – Book 2) – Novella – During a harsh Alaskan winter, the inexperienced Callahans struggle to prepare the lodge despite power failures and a possible haunting when a diminutive alien with a big attitude complicates efforts.

The Singing Lakes (Salmon Run – Book 3) – Novella – After an earthquake rattles Salmon Run, ominous messages only Zack and Sasha can understand lead them to the local aliens and a secret lurking at the bottom of Lake Iliamna.