Frequently Asked Questions

Star Catcher Publishing

Is Star Catcher Publishing a vanity or subsidy press?

No. Star Catcher Publishing authors pay no upfront costs or fees for anything. While we do not pay advances, Star Catcher Publishing pays its authors very competitive royalties.

Can I send you a query letter/package or my manuscript?

Star Catcher Publishing is accepting queries or manuscripts for the following anthology:

Forward Motion for Writers is a free online website for the writer who wishes to move forward towards a writing career, whether pursuing traditional or Indie publishing options. The website has offered forums, chat, workshops, and other resources for over 12 years. It is a resource we do not wish to see go away. Enter the…

Forward Motion Short Story Anthology

All profits from the anthology will be donated to the writing site “Forward Motion” to pay for hosting costs, domain costs, technical support, and other site-related expenses. What are the profits? List price minus expenses such as but not limited to: retailer fees, transaction costs (such as what Amazon charges for wireless delivery), Paypal fees, and taxes.

NOTE: The goal is for the majority of the incoming funds to go to Forward Motion. Because of that, the Editors, authors, and Star Catcher Publishing will not earn a fee.

The anthology will be published through Star Catcher Publishing. Star Catcher Publishing will reserve world-wide nonexclusive rights to include the contracted short story in an anthology (ebook and print). Nonexclusive means you can sell the story again to other anthologies, markets, or yourself.

Current Anthology Prompt:

“A Princess, a Boatman, and a Lizard”

All three must feature in the short story. They do not necessarily have to be a literal representation or characters, although that is preferred, but still need to use the words “Princess,” “Boatman,” and “Lizard” at least once. Use your imagination how all three can fit. For example: A boatman can mean several things such as a Venice boat taxi, a guide over the underworld river Styx, across the Mississippi River in the old west, a boat rowed across a castle moat, and so on.


  • Genres: Any. (Please see additional guideline below.)
  • The submissions must be PG-13 or below to ensure wide availability of the Anthology. This excludes subjects such as explicit sex or extreme violence.
  • 1000 – 7000 words in length.
  • Poetry accepted, up to a total of 6 pieces total for the anthology. Word count for poetry does not follow the above word length guideline. Please note: simple formatting is required. Ebooks have limitations.
  • Limit of one story or poetry piece included per author.
  • You must have the copyright rights to submit to the Anthology. Reprints are accepted.
  • In your submission, also include a paragraph or two about how the Forward Motion website and the information available through it have helped you as a writer.
  • Include your preferred penname plus a small byline of 1-2 paragraphs about your author-self. You may include a mention of published work as well as a website link. NOTE: Website link must be to a personal blog or website, and not to a retailer.
  • Please send submissions to J.A. Marlow (Dreamerscove) at jamarlow.sf@gmail.com as an attachment in one of the following formats: .txt, .doc, .rtf, .odt. In the subject line please put “Forward Motion Anthology” and include the submission title and author name AND Forward Motion screen-name. In the body of the attachment include the submission title, the penname/author name and the story itself.
  • SUBMISSION DEADLINE: October 5th, 2012
  • PUBLISHING DATE: Goal is November 15th, 2012

Who is eligible to submit?

  • Any writer in good standing who has been an active part of Forward Motion for a minimum of 3 months (90 days) at the time of submission.
  • You do not have to be previously published.


  • Supporting the free “Forward Motion For Writers” website.
  • Byline including mention of any other published works, with a website link for the Author.
  • Free ebook copy of the anthology for all authors included. This will be provided through a Smashwords.com coupon. If you would prefer to buy the anthology at full price to support the website, that is fully acceptable, too!

Other Information

Senior Editor: J.A. Marlow
Assistant Editors: Jan Sophia Grace
As senior editor, please understand that the Editor’s choice on inclusion or exclusion is final. Thank you.

About the publisher: Star Catcher Publishing is dedicated to publishing enjoyable quality genre stories with a nod towards good old-fashioned storytelling. See https://starcatcherpub.com for more information on the publisher.

What are the prices of your titles?

Below are our standard ebook listing prices (US Dollar), all of which are based on word count:

Short Fiction e-Doubles $2.99
Short Fiction (8,000-15,000 words) $2.99
Fiction (15,000 to 25,000 words) $3.49
Fiction (25,000 to 40,000 words) $3.99
Fiction (40,000 to 55,000 words) $4.99
Fiction (55,000 to 70,000 words) $5.99
Fiction (70,000 to 85,000 words) $6.99
Fiction (85,000 words and up) $7.99

Paper Trade Paperback editions range from $4.99 to $19.99

Please note that individual retailers may offer discounts or specials on our titles which means you may be able to buy our titles for less than the above list prices. Also, at times we will run specials on various titles including the first in a series.

I found lower prices for your titles than you have listed at ______.

The prices listed on our website are our basic list prices. Individual retailers may offer discounts or specials on our titles which means you may be able to buy our titles for less than the list prices displayed in our catalog.

Book Questions

Where can I buy the ebooks?

Links to the major retailers carrying our line is included on the information page of each book. Please browse our online catalog. Star Catcher Publishing does not currently sell our books from our home website (although this might change in the future).

Popular online retailers where our books appear include:

Barnes & Noble
DriveThru Fiction
Omnilit/All Romance eBooks
…and many others.

Where are the print versions?

Allowing our readers a choice of reading format is important to us. We are slowly bringing our catalog out in Trade Paperback with approximately half already available.


Science Fiction Questions

What does “FTL” stand for?

Faster Than Light. In science fiction, this is used to describe travel faster than the speed of light.