Galactic Commonwealth

The Galactic Commonwealth Universe is characterized by the use of Hyperspace Jumps for FTL travel. But there is a catch. While there are many habitable planets, a ship-penetrating deadly Hyperspace Radiation limited human ability to get to them.

This Universe tells the stories of humans traveling outwards despite the dangers of FTL travel, their efforts to counteract the Hyperspace Radiation, the meeting of aliens along the way, the discovery of mysterious artifacts of long-gone aliens, and the settlement of new worlds.

Including a mystery of the origins of humans themselves…


Galactic Commonwealth Stories

During the Human-Chion War:

Mop Jockeys and Fighter Pilots – (Short Story) – Captain Carme Batista doesn’t have time for anything other than fighting the next battle. But Felix isn’t an ordinary janitor. He remembers things no one else does, unobtrusively attentive, seeming to sense what she needs before even she knows it. He doesn’t seem to understand she has no emotion left. The war with the Chion destroyed them a long time ago… Or did it?

After the Human-Chion War:

Coffee Cup Dreams (A Redpoint One Novel) – (Novel) – Fleeing Earth after a ‘psi event’, Tish Douglas struggles with a new life on a remote space station built by long-gone aliens, complicated by a forbidden attraction for a man she can’t have: boss Arthur Getty.

Glint of a Suncatcher (Children of Jad #1) – (Novelette) – Elvy Akuma has found something while on a picnic that could save her father’s job with the Jad Cultural Center, but instead it might re-ignite the Chion-Human war.

Glint of a Ring (Children of Jad #2) – (Novelette) – Elvy Akuma is enjoying a day working with her father at the new archeological dig when uninvited guests arrive: raiding pirates.

Glint of an Artifact (Children of Jad #3) – (Novelette) – Tiver Holiway finds the courage to protect the precious data suncatchers from raiding pirates, but the suncatchers themselves might prove the more dangerous threat.

Glint of a Tower (Children of Jad #4) – (Novelette) – Pelik must help his friends find the origin of a crashed ship before stalking treasure hunters, leading to a journey beyond the archeological dig and a discovery that might change history.

Children of Jad Omnibus – (Omnibus Collection) – The day started with Elvy Akuma enjoying a day out in the forest with her parents. It ended with her life changed forever… This 48,400 word, 193 page (approx.), Omnibus is a collection of the four Children of Jad novelettes at a bargain price, completing the entire story arc in one volume. The collection includes: Glint of a Suncatcher, Glint of a Ring, Glint of an Artifact, Glint of a Tower

Spires – (Short Story) – A failure-of-a-telepath crosses paths with a smart-mouthed kid on the run with a stolen alien artifact, only to find the destructive vines taking over the city have plans for them both.

Where the Green Grass Grows – (Novelette) – Vorstogen: A world primarily known for producing grain, the only other claim to fame was a long-abandoned alien space-elevator which the human colonists adapted for their use. But Reporter Steve Gortney doesn’t find boredom on this back-world, he finds a pirate raid-in-progress. And the space-elevator has a few secrets of its own, and the pirates are about to trigger it.

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