Mind of a Child (Zerralon 1.2)

Mind of a Child (Zerralon 1.2)


A day of fun descends into a day of fear.

Liam Taggert hopes a trip to one of the big amusement parks on the planet of Mydore will take his children’s minds off their mother’s situation. It worked… until Kevin disappeared, kidnapped by unknown abductors.

While his father and the Galactic Patrol race to find him, Kevin awakes in a strange place, unsure how he got there…

…With his life hanging on the very desires hidden in his heart.

The 25th Century: a time of aliens, robots, artificial intelligences, great wonders, and deadly dangers. Follow the young human Kevin Taggert on his science fiction adventures to save his family and planet… and the discovery that sometimes one person can make the difference.

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