Humans head to the stars with the help of Jump Gates and Diamede Drives, but habitable planets are few and far between. The search for more worlds keeps humans moving outwards, and brings war and political tug-of-wars over the precious worlds known.

The few aliens surrounding human space aren’t pleased by the human expansion or willingness towards violence, even those species with a knack for it themselves.

But humans might be their saviors from an ancient enemy to all sentient life.


StarBlink Stories

Before the StarBlink Event:

Into the Forest Shadows – Novel – On a world of valuable giant trees and intelligent animals, a red-cloaked headstrong teen struggles to save her family from a planetary conspiracy awaiting her at Grandmother’s house.

The Art of Negotiation – Novelette – After overseeing the downsizing of a construction facility at Arcturus, Zada Harper comes face-to-face with a friend from her past… whom she just helped lay off. Zada finds herself the next target of the ISC Corporation layoffs. She is suddenly without a job and forced into automatic arbitration for a severance settlement. But Zada won’t go quietly. She will make sure the ISC feels the sting of her departure.

After the StarBlink Event:

Flying Dutchman of the Spacelanes: Trapped, Sora races to solve the riddle of the deserted Flying Dutchman of the Spacelanes, only to find the true nature of the cursed ghost-ship could give her the dream of a lifetime.

Mary Celeste Adrift: Strange things happen in the Briggs Triangle… Low-ranked crew member Riya Cobley gets the lovely privilege of joining the team to investigate the drifting space-freighter “Mary Celeste.” The mystery mounts when they find prepared food still sitting on the tables, intact systems, yet no crew or record of them leaving. Where did everyone go? Then new alarms sound on both ships…